Thrive For Life Prison Project envisions a world where spiritual and educational services empower incarcerated individuals to thrive for life.


The incarcerated population has reached a staggering level in the U.S., and the environment these men and women inhabit offers little in the way of rehabilitation. 

Through retreats, mentorship, education opportunities, and employment assistance, Thrive For Life Prison Project provides accompaniment and consolation on the inside, and then the means to re-enter society and meaningfully contribute to the community once an individual is released.

We believe that by disrupting the cycle of recidivism through personal relationships and services—in tandem with legal efforts to reform criminal justice policies—the incarcerated population will dwindle, the stigma associated with serving time will give way to compassion and understanding, and the inequities and oppression of our current system will fade into our national past.

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Supporting families

Our program participant, Felix, stayed at the hospital with his daughter for two weeks, following an intensive surgical operation. We are grateful for our friends, families, staff and our volunteers for their on-going support and love for Felix and his family.

Pope Francis said “I ask that you have the grace to be very close to your children, letting them grow, but being by their side. They need you, your presence, to be there, your love!”.

We, at Thrive For Life, are really proud of Felix and all the steps he took since his release 3 months ago.

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AF. August 2019


Improvements @ Ignacio House!

We just wrapped up our second month at Ignacio House! We are extremely grateful to our residents, who have been so wonderful during this time of transition and grateful for the community they are building. A large thank you also goes out to everyone who has donated their time and resources to Thrive’s mission. 

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Thrive For Life Behind the Walls


AMERICA MEDIA  July 11, 2018
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Why We're Taking Action

Key Statistics



Percentage of inmates with access to college classes in NYS 

New York State Bar Association Special Committee on Re-Entry, January 2016.


Percentage of parolees returning to NYC from state prison who are re-arrested within 3 years 

Recidivism among Parolees in New York City – Center for Court Innovation, November 2011.


Percentage of people released from city jails each year into homelessness or unstable housing

Preventing Homelessness Among People Leaving Prison -- Vera Institute of Justice, December 2003

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