The thrive For Life community consists on volunteers, partners, staff members, and retreat alumni from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have psychotherapists, spiritual directors, educators, policy professionals, priests and coaches who are al committed to our mission of helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated.

Our Spiritual Mentors who visit the jails and prisons, are trained in Ignatian spirituality. They are committed to forming relationships on the inside, leading meaningful retreats and classes, and providing high-quality pastoral and educational care.

Our Wellness Mentors include social workers, psychotherapists, life coaches, and formerly incarcerated individuals. They guide participants through the ins and outs of re-entry, including administrative steps like HRA, DMV, and parole, to life skills and finance management,

Our Academic Mentors help participants excel in their studies through study skills, time management, research support, and student life.

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