Taconic's Women Facility - First Retreat

On February 8th, 2019, Thrive For Life brought the Spiritual Exercises for the first time to the women of Taconic Correctional Facility, in upstate New York. Our spiritual mentors gave a warm and touching testimony about their experience and the impact on their daily lives.

“My own faith was lifted by them” - by Jasmine G., Spiritual Mentor @ Thrive For Life

For me this was the realization of an inspiration I had back in 2014. The entire motivation for my prison ministry work has been women. I was flexible and began with men and found that surprisingly wonderful because it was like having more brothers! My heart never stopped being with my sisters though. After 5 years of prayers, persistence, patience and perseverance, I made it to Taconic and it was just as wonderful as I thought it would be. The women were so welcoming and it was obvious that they’d already formed a community within themselves and have seen the gift of fellowship. They readily engaged in the activities with us and openly shared with each other. I’m excited to return and look forward to the journey we will go on together.

”Jesus is alive and well and living in these women” - by Jackie E., Spiritual Mentor @ Thrive For Life

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be with you today at the Taconic facility.  I am really still kind of in awe of what transpired. In my time at Bedford, I have seen glimpses of faith in some of the women, but as I have said before, my position there does not allow for me to have faith based discussions with my students.  Today was beautiful. Jesus is alive and well and living in these women. I felt and saw him at work as the women were sharing with one another. My own faith was lifted by them. As with so many other encounters with Christ, I received far more than I gave.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this great ministry. Peace, Jackie.

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